Having my way with Ulysses

Exposure by mechanical artifice.

The morning sun reverberated from the bronze sword. There was no longer even a vestige of blood. "Would you believe it, Ariadne?" said, Theseus. "The Minotaur scarcely defended himself."

3:21 am

Ok people, we don’t have much time so listen up. I want cameras recessed into the mattress here and here, one in the lamp, one in the plant, and one in the wine bottle. Can we get that wine poisoned? Good. Video people, check your angles and work with the design team, maybe you can find a way to get some cameras into the floor too. Share electricians with the audio people. Audio team, where are you? There you are. I’ll be needing audio everywhere. I want to hear everything. I want to hear whispers. I want to hear unspoken thoughts. Audio everywhere, you hear me? Right. Weaponry. I want spikes coming up through here, and possibly here, and darts or whatever projectiles you brought with you coming from the ceiling, and I think that wall there. And there. Is everything poison tipped? Good. Snake wranglers. You’ll need to find a way to keep those adders out of sight, at least until they get started. Can we include the snakes with the other projectiles? Maybe launch them at a 45 degree angle like a shot off a shovel? Work with the weaponry people on that. Check and see if an adder can take that kind of landing. I don’t know, Google it. Design people, wherever you see eyes in a picture, I want holes there for the concealed ocular witnesses. Everybody clear? We’ll fuck them. They’ll be fucked. Now go.


The fact is that I am unique. I am not interested in what one man may transmit to other men; like the philosopher, I think that nothing is communicable by the art of writing.You go first.  You go.  OK I’ll go.  Appearance and prompt responsiveness is the key. No, that’s too many words.  That’s not the key.  And then what?  Keep it the same every time?  Please.  And, and, and listen to me: who has the prior claim makes no difference. Were we born yesterday?  Were here now baby and this now has new rules.  Look, a child is born every minute through their usual window.  D’ya see?  They’ll all get short shrift and a long day, or otherwise be delayed or arrested altogether.  When? I’d say somewhen around blue o’clock in the morning.  And if kind fate but will if it so be it might be.  But here’s the beat to hear: turn now on.  Pay attention now!  And another thing, as an aside, really, not to worry too much or anything that we might be straying off topic, I don’t know but I’ve been wondering anyway as I’m sure you have too, does she ever put on pants?  Maybe in ten years.  Ok focus.  Turn now on.  Now.  How?  It would take a stretching of the nothingness between full moments.  Wait awhile.  Dont shave linear time just because of crashing lack.  Well, you’ll be sorry when it dawns on you. You are impatient; you give up waiting.  I say count something and wait.  A child is born every minute, how much time could it possibly take?  I’ll force you if you’re willing.  Or whatever.  We could just dump the ashes and note the time and coordinates because this shit will knock you into the middle of next week.  Wait.  Give me a minute, I’m smelling into the future.  I know.  I could walk the earth until I find a rent in its flesh. There’s a story.  Would you like that?  Well, what do you want to read?  Not our usual dinner: once upon a time and every day until one day and because of this and because of this until finally and ever since that day.  Excretion!  Here’s some advice.  Don’t listen to advice.  But advice comes in late.  The timing is off.  Something is out of joint.  Basta!  Enough!  Done.  Begin.  Let’s do some riffing now and see if we can’t get a little funky.