Having my way with Ulysses

His nostrils arched themselves for prey

Sulfur is mature quicksilver, and quicksilver is immature sulfur; and on account of this affinity they unite like male and female, and they act on each other, and through that action they are mutually transmuted into each other and procreate a more noble offspring to accomplish the miracles of this one thing. Frillies for Raoul.  Raoul!  Raoul’s hands feeling the opulent curves inside her deshabille.  Yes.  Feeling her fishgluey slime, the phlegm wherein our sulphur is decocted, turned to gold.  The sulphur of the living male soul, yes, uniting body and spirit.  This is a good one.  Fire and air burning in the sweets of sin.  Yes, end.  Hot, dry, active, king red lion, crowned burning consuming corrupting the heaving what? embonpoint, the fishgluey green queenly lioness matter uniting, mingling, heaving with leonine sulphuric form.  Young, living prima materia.  No longer young, an elderly woman alive and joyful rushed from courtroom W-331 where the honorable and sober Judge Schapira had just called recess in the case of Deluna vs. Dickhoff et al, 10-2-14157-0SEA and hurried smiling toward courtroom E-713 where she may witness the equally honorable and even more sober Judge Lum express detached irritation caused by an inner yet unpressing need to defecate in the case of Oberg vs Knight 10-2-31223-4SEA.  Burning in dung the prima materia, sulphur fixing and coagulating, volatile spirit, mercury, dissolving his fixed matter.  The cheery matter of Denis J. Maginni, dancing instructor etc. mingled incongruously with his dour spirit.  Tumescence, detumescence.  Then birth, a child born every minute somewhere.  Enough.  End. The sweets of sin, for Raoul!  Yes.

Intercourse, eyeball to eyeball.