Having my way with Ulysses

His own and his only enjoyer.

A writer, who builds his arguments upon facts such as these, is not easily to be confuted. He is not to be answered by general assertions, or general reproaches. He may want eloquence to amuse or persuade, but, speaking truth, he must always convince. 10:32 pm

Bloom, man, what are you doing?  Your house is made of glass, buddy, put down that stone.  Listen.  Listen, now, listen.  Who are you to?  You know? I mean, dude, take a good look at yourself.  You’re life’s on fire.  It’s burning down around you, come on.  You don’t see it?  Your shit don’t stink? You’re wearing a black shirt man, what’s that stuff that dried white all over it.  Come on dude, you just jacked off on a public beach over some random girl who could be your daughter.  Who does that? Look, tell these young guys to behave themselves, it’s your deal, but man don’t dish it if you can’t take it. You get it? It’s the Lex Talionis. Kill their dog you better guard your cat. Didn’t this get you in trouble once before, or am I the only one around here with a memory worth a damn?  And that other time you were going on about this phenomenon or that phenomenon, at Cuffe’s remember?  Pissed off the wrong redneck in front of el jefe.  So who are you to be so? You know? Who died and made you? Don’t you remember your housekeeper you tried to? I mean come on man. And now you’ve been having an affair in the virtual with the one while shutting your eyes to the state of the other in the, well I’d like to say real. And in your own bed too. Just look at the state of yourself. I’d tell you you’d better mind your business or, but what is prophecy but a narrative preceding the fact? Fine. Ignore me. Who am I to you?

And all this while poured with rain.

Sunday 3 July 1664: Then up and spent the evening walking with my wife talking and it thundering and lightning all the evening, and this yeare have had the most of thunder and lightning they say of any in man's memory, and so it is, it seems, in France and everywhere else. So to prayers and to bed.10:18 pm

Dear Diary,

I’m starting over. I’m going for the absolute purity of awareness, right, I want to have total awareness of all things I experience, all the minutiae of the detail of it all, while I’m living it. While I’m in it.  So tearing out the pages and this is day one.  Aleph Alpha nought nought one.  I think trying to write this thing in the third person made me sound like an asshole. He took a picture of Her. He said so long to his cousins and will see them again shortly.  Come on. Nobody ever anywhere will read these written words, I know that, but I still don’t want to sound like a total douche. Ok. So. Writing down my experience of appearances in the world.  Sensations.  Flow of time. Haircut. Good. The mundane.  Perfect.  So. Itchy skin on my neck. Sharp little bits of hair. Sharp little bits of hair poking inward while I. Well this is lame. I don’t want to write about itchy haircut hair. Ok, try again. It is raining. Infinite rain. Wet. Wetness. Wettening. Wetly.  Wet wetness wettens wetly wet. Wet wet wet.  Word lost meaning. Damn. That was going somewhere too. Ok think. Think think think.  Perceive my subjective point of view. There was one big stroke of lightning just now and lots of thunder. A phenomenon.  Phenomena have temporal features so. Am I still writing about my subjective experience?  The appearance of phenomena and thinking about the appearance of phenomena enone themselves.  Then they spread out a unity through time. Through. Well, whatever it is. So I’m still good. My temporal features are different from those of any single phenomenon because I can enfuture myself. Goals, some of which I can change.  Some of which require the exercise of my free will.  Some of which involve a certain young for her age, large for her age,  beefy girl.  Skittish.  Will take some persuading but probably not much. Ok. Sticking with present phenomena which automatically continue being what they have been.  A phenomenon has its own temporality. Infinite rain. See? Just look at it. And just one big stroke of lightning and lots of thunder with it. Wait. That off a bit. Seems off. Or is time a structure of the knowing mind? Then lightning and thunder as phenomena appearing in the world has no temporality of their own.  That’s not right.  Ok stick with my subjective point of view. My pure experience of my own lived experience as I experience it. My experience of experiencing experiences I experience. That’s it exactly. That’s what this is about. Sensations. The flow of time, that’s what counts.  Look there he is.  Wonder where he’s going.

By no means would he though he must nor would he make more shows according as men do with wives which Phenomenon has commanded them to do by the book Law.

Then Mrs Light-mind added as followeth: Come put this kind of talk away. I was yesterday at Madam Wanton's, where we were as merry as the maids. For who do you think should be there, but I and Mrs Love-the-flesh, and some others. So there we had musick and dancing, and what else was meet to fill up the pleasure. And I dare say my Lady herself is an admirably well-bread Gentle-woman, and Mr Lechery is as pretty a fellow. 10:17 pm

Miss Forcible is a very virtuous young lady and the daughter of a virtuous woman and as it was getting on to that time in her life as it does for so many a maid she found within her heart a longing called Shit-or-Get-Off-the-Pot directing her nature toward desiring of a union with her favorite young man Mr. Equivocal.  Miss Forcible and Mr. Equivocal reside with greater and lessor degrees of comfort in the kingdom of Living Together also known in the land as Let’s See Where This is Going which suited Mr. Equivocal nicely and Miss Forcible thought so too, but always with her mind of relocating to The Next Step as one can put up with anything for the short term and within the breast of Mr. Equivocal resided a spike called Possible as he was heir to the family Grass is Greener and often wondered if perhaps the pretty whore called Bird-in-the-Hand might choose to take him to Two in the Bush which he had sometimes visited though not as recently as all that.  Mr. Equivocal’s perennial habit was to tell Miss Forcible he would like to ask of her a particular question if she would be so kind as to hear it, perhaps New Years Eve next, at which time he would tell Miss Forcible that she might prepare herself for a fine Saint Valentines to come.  But did he propose said question to Miss Forcible? Indeed he did not.  On the most recent feast of Saint Valentine, a day upon which Miss Forcible colored her body in hues of Expectancy but alas Mr Equivocal was color blinded that day for he had girted himself with Doubt tho tied with strings called Hope as he had gifted Miss Forcible with a red lace peek-a-boo bustier and crotchless thong as an offering called How About It?  And how about it? Miss Forcible understood it as a present called More For Him than For Me.  And where was the small box containing Sparkling?  Alas, Sparkling was nowhere to be seen. Clearly to obtain Sparkling Miss Forcible felt, she must journey through the land of Deceit over the mountains of Deception for her Mr. Equivocal was likely in the thrall of the Demon All Time whereas her guardian angel Time is Running Out knew far better.  Her first stop in her journey was along the stream Physic where she found a previously unknown allergy to the medicine Kill Child requiring Mr. Equivocal to get over his aversion to the device Preservative if he was to ever see her clothed in More For Him than For Me.  Then Miss Forcible gathered fruit from the tree Pincushion and with help of the angel Clandestine modified Preservative just enough to rechristen it Sieve.  She’ll have Sparkling by Christmas.

Magnetic needle tells you what’s going on in the sun, the stars.

Has there not been Over Man a long period of Time, when he was Nothing -- (not even) mentioned? Verily We created Man from a drop Of mingled sperm, In order to try him: So We gave him (the gifts) Of Hearing and Sight. We showed him the Way: Whether he be grateful Or ungrateful (rests On his will). 8:51 pm

Can a watch stop in despair?  Or from guilt?  Or worse than guilt, what about shame,  there’s a big difference between guilt and shame.  But let’s not talk about shame, let’s talk about me.  Everything depends on your understanding of me and how you create me.  I am your creature, my pet, and I am nothing without you.  Well, not nothing.  Even nothing is something.  Take yourself out of the equation and mathematically I’m still out there, if you insist on thinking geographically which I don’t.  But if you like, I’m out there in some other place from yours.  And I’m linear.  I cycle too, you’ve seen my periodicity but what are you doing standing under the starcase when I’m taking them two three at a time?  I’m circular then.  Spherical.  But that will move and change.  It’s a phenomenon.  I’m phenomenal flux.  Believe me.  Have faith.  Cross my heart and go to endlessness.  I’ll be endless duration.  I make the difference between creature and creator.  I am your creator, my creature, and I am nothing without you.  I am you.  We were never born and will never die.  We are eternity of being.  Lord I’m feeling, how do you say? I feel it like an ache at the butt of my tongue.  What’s that word. I just had it too.  I know it in my language, but it gets lost in translation somewhen between perception and articulation.  Well. You know what I mean.  Maybe it was just magnetism stopped the watch.  Wristwatches always going wrong.  Must be magnetic influence between people, his magnetic personality, and the watch felt it all the way to now.  Larger bodies have greater gravitation fields, perhaps it is her then?  It must be about magnetism.  It’s been the sun, and water flowing out, and fire burning things which worked only so long as people knew what each hour smelled like, sand, machines.  You try building a wheel that turns in perfect synchrony with the equinoctial circle.  If only a magnetic globe could be made to float nicely parallel to the celestial axis.  Yes, magnetism too.  Let’s say I’m that.  That now is magnetism.  The back of everything.  The watch felt it.  Like a sneeze coming.

It was standing up in their faces like a poker.

ESTRAGON: What about hanging ourselves? VLADIMIR: Hmm. It'd give us an erection. ESTRAGON: (highly excited). An erection! VLADIMIR: With all that follows. Where it falls mandrakes grow. That's why they shriek when you pull them up. Did you not know that? ESTRAGON: Let's hang ourselves immediately!

5:16 pm

The phenomenon in question call it priapism or the more colloquial “angel lust” is a rather common phenomenon in the case of death either swift or violent or even face down. In particular, this particular and most natural phenomenon occurs in at least one case out of three, particularly in the event of hanging or the rather more archaic and rare phenomenon of crucifixion. Do you have a light? Indeed this phenomenon is well known to scientists, even phenomenologists in that they agree that the phenomenon of erection is a passive action. In fact, when men do not have erection, the penis makes a phenomenal effort: the smooth muscles of the arteries at the base of the penis must stay contracted in order to impede the phenomenon of the blood filling the penis to phenomenal proportions. Indeed, mazime aphrodisiacs, possidet viagra, continent chemicals quod relaxat haec musculi.