Having my way with Ulysses

And what star is that, Poldy?

Money is indeterminate, it is everything, a kind of general equivalent, it is nothing, a kind of blank meaning. Information, as blank meaning, is in the process of taking its place, as a general equivalent.Rochford is Boylan with impatience for me to show Blazes his bit of code when I see him later.  I’ll sound him out.  This is it, whatever sense you want to make out of it:  010101000111010101110010011011100010000001001110011011110111011100100000010011110110111000100000001010000111000001100001011110010010000001100001011101000111010001100101011011100111010001101001011011110110111000100000011101000110111100100000011101000110100001100101001000000110111001101111011101110010111000101001 Richie Goulding on financial business for Goulding, Collis and Ward walked blindly toward a woman no longer young, smiling, as she rushed, fully absorbed, toward him, on her way from superior courtroom W-331 to courtroom E-173.  Money to be made, Tom says, telling people what they see now.  Label the now and they’ll enjoy it more.  Augment that reality.  From Boeing Field, a string of stretch suv’s, one bearing flags, made its way toward the freeway.   Maybe money there but I’ll get mine some other how.  I have my methods.  He’s a hero, Tom, you know that?  Saved somebody stuck down a manhole, the one just down there under the poster of that dauby chick with the yellow hair.  Poor devil stuck halfway to hell choking to death on sewer fumes and down went Tom, tied a rope around him and up they hauled them both.  The act of a real hero.  Ambulance.  Can’t hear myself type.  Anyway, the race is on soon.  Bantam Lyons is putting everything he’s got on a horse somebody gave him that hasn’t an ice cube’s chance in hell.  McCoy kept himself out of it.  I can take my time; she doesn’t need these steaks yet.  I don’t think he appreciated my story about that dinner at Glencree either; he has some kind of feeling for Bloom maybe.  Says his wife sang there but did she?  Come on.  She a star?  Please.  The bright stars fade. Anyway, it was blue o’clock in the morning when we left with the car top down and I sat next to Bloom’s wife trying to get her top down.  Unfurnished Apartments, picked up and placed again on the window sash.  Bloom playing the astronomer pointing out this comet and that comet and stars and stars.  Left me to pay attention to his wife’s moon.  What star is that Poldy, she said.  Just a pinprick, needle dick.  He’s all right, though, Bloom.

Stuck on the pane two flies buzzed, stuck.

What he does feel is the hard iron of the nails. He is not a Roman, not a Greek. He wimpers. He has left us some splendid metaphors and a doctrine of forgiveness that can do away with the past. (That phrase was written by an Irishman in prison.) The soul searches for its end, hurriedly. Night has fallen. He has died now. A fly crawls over the still flesh. Of what use is it to me that this man has suffered if I am suffering now?1:53 pm

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz insuranzz?  No, advertizzzing.  Zzzzzz.  Zzz. Zzzzzz.  Lizzzziningzzz.   Troubuzzzzle?  Humanzzzz.  Zzzdairyzzcreamzzzzz!  Creamzzzzz!  Zzz.  Zzzz.  Bzzzzzz.  Creamzzzz?  Elzzzewherezzzz.  Tooz buzzzzad.  Zzzzafe manzzz?  No zzzafe manzzzz.  Zwat!  Mayzz the catzzz eatzzz zzhem andzz zhe devvvilzzzz eatzzz the catzzzz.  Nevvvvver zzzzign namezzzzz.  Humanzzzz.  Ezzztrazzz.   Zzzzmell.  Zzztale drinkzzzz on thatzzz.  Thizzz onezz drunkzzzzz.  Zzzzewerzzz!! Zzewerzz!  Thatzz humanzzz in zzewerzzz!  Nizzze.  Zzz. Zzzzz.  Zzore legzz?  Zorezzz?  Nozz.  Zzz.  Horzzze?  Horzzze?  Zzzz.  Razzezz.  Zzzinfandelzzz?  Zzzz.  Dyzzpepzziazzz?  Diezz zzoon!  Hopezzzz.   Duckzzz!  Duckzzzz!  Lordzzz Lovvvzzz uzzz, Duckzzzz!  Zzz!  Zz!  Zz!  Zzz!  Zz!


10:05 am

McCoy on phone from Conways.  Bob Doran is on one of his benders.  Starting early.  I’m watching a woman outside packing up her car.  Skirt.  Windy.  Tpying too.  Multitasking.  Had to pick up phone.  Can’t keep blowing him off.  Still, hhate to be interrupted when.  Ggust!  Nice.  Sheesh the guy can talk.  Doesn’t need much of an answer besides yes.  yes.  um hhum.  He’s a nice guy, McCoy.  Ttries too hard though.  Insufferable for that.  Borrows stuff and doesn’t return.  Will be asking for a suitcase for his wife’s imaginary out of town gig.   Bantam Lyons there too.  At Conways.  Doran used to be a serious guy.  Qquiet.  Changed once he saddled himself to his mother-in-law.  Nno blame there.  Hold on.  Standing in car door to reach luggage rack.  Stretch.  Yyes.  I see pretty clearly today.  Rich: expensive.  They’re all the same once you touch the right sspot.  McCoy heard about Paddy Dignam.  Tterrible death.   Sees me looking.  Always an eye out.  Good to have backup.  Hello.  Dropped something.  Watch!  Watch!  Sshit!  Truck went by.  Right at that moment.  Another gone.  Ddamn McCo