Having my way with Ulysses

Ora pro nobis

I was asleep but my heart stayed awake. Listen! My lover is knocking. "Open to me, my sister, my friend, my dove, my undefiled one! My head is wet with dew, my hair drenched in the damp of night." But I have taken off my robes, how can I dress again? I have bathed my feet, must I dirty them? My love reached in for the latch and deep within me, my body stirred. I rose to open to my love, my hands dripping myrrh, my fingers flowing myrrh on the doorbolt. 8:34 pm

They have the coolest cuckoo clock on the mantle at Father Conroy’s I saw when I went there about the flowers for the quarantore and when I went to talk to him about the candles it was chiming which was cool.  He’s so nice.  He has the most beautiful hands and he is so kind and good.  You can tell he is holy just by being around him and he is the best for confession because that one time I told him about that thing that happened you know when girls start you know, God this is so embarrassing.  I wish to God that I could talk to you in person face to face because it is still so confusing.  I’m sorry if a little of this gets too embarrassing for you but anyway I told him about the first time I got my period (oh God tmi tmi tmi!) and he was so cool about it and said it wasn’t a sin and that it came from nature and is god’s will for women and all that.  He is so kind and beautiful.  He could be in that pretty priest’s calendar the vatican puts out for world youth day.  I could I could I could knit him something maybe or or maybe get him a clock to go with the cuckoo clock he already has.  No that’s stupid.  What do you give a priest?  I could become a nun and wear a clean white robe and he can come to the convent and pray for me and we could light candles together and he could look into my eyes and then and then bless me and kiss my rosary and he’ll be so holy and kind and beautiful and I would be too and we’d be just like at peace with everything and with each other, you know?  It would be so cool.