Having my way with Ulysses


Where there is desire, the power relation is already present: an illusion, then to denounce this relation for a repression exerted after the event; but vanity as well, to go questing after a desire that is beyond the reach of power.11:32 pm

I won’t get my nose bent out of shape about it, and here’s the snub.  Invisibility is a trap.  Let’s make no illusions about it.  But instead of entering into the symbolic order, the invisible wafts around the edges of it wanting.  And whatever is in can be as ugly as homemade sin, but the invisible wafts close.  Look at me.  Can you see me now?  Can you see me no?   No entry.  Don’t mind me, just passing by.  I’ll just take a look at myself in this covered mirror, check if all visible light bends around me.  I look.  Don’t look like I did when I didn’t know my own effect.  Doesn’t matter.  No matter.  Just a bit of insubstantiality, don’t mind me.  I’ll just.  Well, taking off.  On my way now.  Going.  I’ll just be heading.  What’s that?  Oh, I thought you were talking to me.  Ok then.  I’ll see you.  I’ll see you.

Well of all the

Yes, the viability of vicinals if invisible is invincible.11:50 am

McIntosh in the Macintosh.  I saw him.  But I didn’t hear him leave.  Where did he disappear to?  Not a sign.  I don’t know who he is.  Is that his name?  Has anybody seen?  Good lord, what became of him?  Suppose he was invisible?   If we were all suddenly somebody else.  I could be the invisible man, could go anywhere.  I could walk the earth until I find a rent in its flesh.  And then.  Then.  What if we are an imitation of an invisible universe?  Is time reversible in that then?  What if the unseen can be seen?  Are they here with me now?  Now all the time?  Suppose I were to reach and touch there, just there.  Can I feel them?  Can I hear them?  If I were invisible would I be inaudible too?  Would I be able to hear inaudible sound?  Wait.  What was that?  And is there already an invisible me in the invisible world?  Can I hear them speak to me now?  Shhh.  Listen.  Music I think.  Wait.  Breathing.  Is that you?  I think that is you.  Is that you?  Hlo?