Having my way with Ulysses

Any object, intensely regarded, may be a gate of access to the incorruptible eon of the gods.

And now, O Alcibiades, the divine thing having been performed, tell me, are the girls and the youths and the philosophers as fond of thee as ever?10:42 pm

Scene: [Around the ideal form of a table sit Glaucon, Alcibiades, Pistritus, and a mirror reflecting an even more ideal form of a table around which sit Glycera, Chloe, Phyllis and a mirror reflecting ooh look at that table, way more ideal, around which sit Anemone, Posie, Echo in a mirror, and a mirror reflecting ok now I like this one best, wait, can I see that first table again? reflecting Mars, Venus, and Juno and a mirror reflecting turtles all the way down.  On each ideal form of a table sits a container of plums. Some of the containers are coffins, some are eggs.]

Glaucon: [Brotherly, breathing on the mirror while the others stare hard at the plums] On behalf of Alcibiades, for the fulfillment of his one great goal, I call them to life across the waters of Lethe.

Juno: [Chewing a plum] You hear that?  Venus, get off of Mars, we have to troop to the call.

Anemone: Poor ghosts. I really anticipate disaster here.

Echo: Disaster here.

Posie: [Carving into the table with a blunt hornhandled ordinary knife reminiscent of Roman history]  e ar space ach e ar e period.

Alcibiades: Anything yet?

Anemone: He is so expectant!

Echo: expectant!

Posie: [Carving]   tea ay en tea exclamation point.

Glycera: [Wearing a frock of muslin and yellow shoes]  He wants me again.  Already.

Phyllis: Well don’t go.  That man would make his own mother an orphan.

Chloe: Isn’t his father the son of his own mother?

Anemone: He heard her say that.  Look his face is growing dark.

Echo: Growing dark.

Posie: eye en gee space dee ay ar kay period.

Pisistratus:  All is lost.  I’m leaving.

Glaucon: Stay, we have all the mirrors aligned in perfect harmonic proportions.  This will work.

Pisistratus: It will work if we bribe somebody.

Alcibiades: Glycera’s soul is far away.  What if she won’t assume her etheric double?

Juno: Ok, place your bets. Will she assume her etheric double?  I say yes.  A whore like that? Come on.

Mars: I say yes too. Last time she had her leg up over our left shoulder.  I could watch that again 16 times in a row.

Venus: Alcibiades’ left shoulder. She won’t.  He’ll beg until he’s black in the face but I’ll have to incarnate for her.  Where’s my ruby dress?

Phyllis: Huzzah! I think Venus will go for you. I wonder if she has a ride?  She can take Aristotle, he’s parked out back.

Juno: Venus your bet’s a throwaway.  Just listen to her heart beating! Can hear it two mirrors over.

Glycera: I guess I can go, but I won’t use a condom. I hate condoms. Well at least I had my period last week so there’s that.  He bites, though.  It’s off putting.

Chloe: You’re fertile!  Oh you’ll have a nice ripe egg for him.

Glycera: Oh fabulous, I’ll get pregnant.  Great.

Anemone: Will she?

Echo: She?

Posie:  capital ess ach e question mark.

Glycera: What do you think, ladies?

Phyllis: It’s a holocaust; you’ll get burned.

Chloe:  Yes she’ll burn. The young green shoots of new plumtrees require putrefaction first. End it now and go to him, it will be the beginning of something.  And the Gods are involved, so there will be mirror effects all over the place.  Lose yourself in it.  I mean, look at these plums.  They’re dying. They won’t be fully empowered until putrefied. The tomb of death is the womb of new life.

Glycera: Ok, here I go.

Juno: You hear that? Let’s get started.

Juno, Venus, and Mars: [Breathing on the mirror] We call them to life across the waters of Lethe.

Never speaking

There where it smells of shit it smells of being. Man could just as well not have shat, not have opened the anal pouch, but he chose to shit as he would have chosen to live instead of consenting to live dead. Because in order not to make caca, he would have had to consent not to be, but he could not make up his mind to lose being, that is, to die alive. There is in being something particularly tempting for man and this something is none other than CACA. (Roaring here.)1:50 pm

[Scene: Immortal lovely Venus, Juno, and Galatea, shapely goddesses with curves the world admires, stand naked together.  All to see.  They don’t care what man looks.]

Venus: Mortal!

Galatea:  Quick, be statues.

Juno:  Stop breathing Galatea.  Why can’t you stop breathing?

Galatea:  Hey, that’s not my fault.  Blame Venus.

Venus:  Mortal coming!  Whisper!  Try to look like the three graces.

[A man and ready on his way to the yard pauses, drops something, bends down to look.  See if she.  He stands and before walking on he makes swift passes in the air with juggling fingers. Obviously in the craft.]

Venus:  Is he gone? 

Juno:  Yes.  Why do they always look?

Galatea:  Attention defecate disorder.  They think we have no.

Venus:  I’d like to surprise the next one.  Give myself to him, a man with manly conscious.  Lay with men lovers occasionally.

Juno:  I’ll bet you would.

Galatea:  I prefer mortals.  But they do reek of food.  And shit.  Disgusting things they eat too, how did they ever think to eat things like snails,  or oysters?  Unsightly things like clots of phlegm.  Stuff them in one hole and out the other behind.  Like stoking an engine.

Venus:  Oysters have an effect on the sexual.

Galatea:  But how would they know that?  The first one to say yum, that looks like I could eat it.  Imagine!  Disgusting.

St. Leger:  Waugh!  Waugh!  Iiiiiichaaaaaaach!

Juno: What is he saying?

Galatea:  I think he is calling us whores again.  Shut up you two dimensional freak!  I can’t stand the sight of him hanging there day after day.  Eyes gouged out, no lips.

Venus:  No tongue, lucky for us.  Can you imagine having no tongue.  How would you?

Juno:  Stop.  Please no vivid accounts Venus, you’ll get Leger even more agitated and then there will be no end to the howling.

Venus:  He needs to get laid.  And not by me.

Galatea:  Me either.

Juno:  Oh Gods no.