Having my way with Ulysses

The story of a haunting sorrow was written on his face.

The dead you is constantly being rubbed away by the dead me. Your cells fall and flake away, fodder to dust mites and bed bugs. Your droppings support colonies of life that graze on skin and hair no longer wanted. You don't feel a thing. How could you? All your sensation comes from deeper down, the live places where the dermis is renewing itself, making another armadillo layer. You are a knight in shining armour.

8:32 pm

I’m so in love.  Because they always say you just know when it happens and I know because it’s like an instinct, you know?  I feel it.  I can feel it right here.  And it feels like like what, like he is the one that matters the most.  Because it doesn’t matter what he has ever done, you know?  I couldn’t give a shit what he’s done.  Because whatever he has ever suffered or had others suffer, even if he is the worst person possible I don’t care.  That’s what love is.  That’s love.  He can even be a non-Christian too, because I always know what matters most is Jesus and after him Mary and St. Joseph and St. Rose of Lima and after her St. Anthony if you lose something because if he really loves me he will convert no problem.  It’s him.  It’s like I recognize him, you know?  It’s a total recognition like I’ve known him forever because I’m going to know him forever.   I love him and he is my dreamhusband I’ve been waiting for.  See him, sitting over there on those rocks wearing all black.  Sad.  He has sad written all over his face.  I’d give the word to know what it is making him so sad.  He is looking at me and I can see he means it.  There’s something in his look that’s saying words to me.  The words are so clearly there, for me to read and only me.  And he can read my very soul.  He can look right inside me and read me.  He’s reading me now.  He looks a little like a foreigner.  Very cool.  Actually, he looks just like the picture I have of Robert Pattinson taped next to my bed!  I want to know all about him and forgive him for everything ever even even if he even if he was the biggest sinner of them all we can go to hell together and all our friends will be there anyway so that will be even better.  We’ll be together and in love and that’s all that matters.  And I’ll help him forget the memory of his past.  And I’ll make him fall in love with me.  And he’ll pull me to him gently.  And he’ll crush me against him like a real man.  And I’ll be his ownest girlie.

Intercourse, eyeball to eyeball.