Having my way with Ulysses

We mustn’t be led away by words, by sounds of words

Pilate dismissed that thought, and it flew away as fast as it had flown in. The thought flew away, and the feeling of anguish remained unexplained, for it could not be explained by a second brief thought that flashed like lightning and immediately died out, "Immortality...immortality has come..." Whose immortality has come? The procurator did not understand this, but the thought of that mysterious immortality made him turn cold despite the broiling sun. "Very well then," said Pilate, "So be it."12:23 pm

[Scene: On a hill in the levant ages ago, two friends unaware they ought to be anything but, sit in a smoke filled tent contemplating the future.]

The Roman:  Ah we are far from Rome.  Imperial, imperious, imperative, imperium.

The Jew:  Imperil, imperish, impermissible, impermanent.  You Romans may think we are the fat in the fire but your civilization hasn’t got the chance of a snowball in hell.

The Roman:  You don’t believe in hell.  Here, throw some more of that on the fire, would you?  Thanks.

The Jew:  Vast, Vastative, Vatinian, Vile, Vility, Villian.

The Roman: Vassal, Vastate, Vaste, Vastity, Vasectomy.

The Jew:  Breathe deeply.  What do you see.  Look there.  Is it just the smoke or are you seeing it too?

The Roman:  I see something.  Wait, yes.

The Jew:  Yes, it is more clear.  I feel giddy, lightheaded, but yes I can see.  This is the place.  We have found it.  It is meet to be here.  This is the place to settle and build a future.  From here we shall multiply and prosper.  Let us build an altar to Jehovah.

The Roman:  Yes. Yes.  It is meet to be here.  Let us construct a toilet.  And let the plumbing of this great work signal to the world the grandeur that is eternal Rome.

The Jew:  Weren’t you going to take that job, that position in Judea, Pontius?  Prelate was it?

The Roman:  It would be such a bore; nothing interesting ever happens in Judea.  But they do have toilets.  Perhaps I will.  Let’s breathe some more of this smoke, I’m feeling peaceful.

Intercourse, eyeball to eyeball.