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12:20 am

In a hurry to get that ad.  Just need to run out to get that Keyes ad.  What’s that Lenehan is doing under the desk there?  Geometry?  Don’t want to trample him.  Bull in china.  I’m in a hurry.  Going now.  Better get going because I want to catch Keyes.  Got to go.  Let’s blow.  Breeze on out.  Ease on down the road.  Descend that staircase.  No time like the present.  Here I go.  I’ll take my coat and my leave.  Just run round to Dillons.  Mazurka round to Dillons.  Steal a march round to Dillons.  Ok?  Is that ok?  I’ll be right back.  Back in no time.  Fast as the wind.