Having my way with Ulysses

All cats are kosher

Whats pork to you means meat to me.8:45 am

Molly particular about her tea.  Scald the teapot she says so I do.  Pour in the boiling water, swirl, dump, four spoons of tea, water in, let it draw.  I do it first then make my breakfast.  Pork kidney it was today fried in butter with lots of pepper.  Cat wanted it, but give her too much meat and she won’t mouse.  Plus she’s kosher.  They never sell pork cat food for that reason, cat’s won’t eat it.  Gave her the paper to lick instead.


Not that kind of relish.8:00 am

Oh the nasty bits the sweet sweet nasty bits.  Saw Anthony Bourdain drunk pontificating about offal again but oh god I like it more than he does.  Liver fried nicely in onions with mustard, chicken gizzards scooped with the blood from the bottom of a roasting pan oh that sticky blood, antichuchos grilled hot and just a little crispy, kidneys sauteed in butter with a bacon or most of the time without.  Oh yes the pork kidneys their fat uriney goodness plumping up nicelyinbrownbutteryummmm.