Having my way with Ulysses

Madam, when comes the stork bird for thee?

 Hardly, or not at all, able to bend his knees, the whole man moved like a stork.

10:48 pm

Oh come on.  You sit in here with this pack of fools pretending to care about a woman in there who’s giving birth for christsakes, asking me something like that.  None of your damn business and when the end comes after a sudden at the moment though lingering labor it’s all diet and quiet and on your merry way out the damn door with the rest of the screaming bastards.  And to look at me like that up and down like that and ask me a question like that like its your business.  Oh big man. Well go fill your unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run, you jackass, I hope you get struck by lightning. I have a letter to write.

A monstrous fine bit of cowflesh!

By their fondness of sights, one would be apt to imagine, that instead of desiring to see things as they should be, they are rather solicitous of seeing them as they ought not to be.10:30 pm

Brang, the bell stopped the talking,
In Nurse Callan comes walking.
Her belly looks swelled
Shut your mouth sir! they yelled.
This woman you should not be mocking.
But I mock from familial duty,
Besides, just look at her booty!
Most nurses are whores
Like Kitty, Lynch adores.
So relax, boys, the point now is mooty.  

Ruth red him, love led on with will to wander, loth to leave.

But the Saracens ne till not no vines, ne they drink no wine: for their books of their law, that Mahomet betoke them, which they clepe their AL KORAN, and some clepe it MESAPH, and in another language it is clept HARME, and the same book forbiddeth them to drink wine. For in that book, Mahomet cursed all those that drink wine and all them that sell it: for some men say, that he slew once an hermit in his drunkenness, that he loved full well; and therefore he cursed wine and them that drink it.10:03 pm

Surah 1132:  السردين، والخبز، والبيرة.

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious,
                             Most Merciful.
1.  Proclaim! 
     Eat ye and drink ye
     To your heart’s content: 
     For that ye worked
2.  And among His Signs
     He shows you the lighting,
     By way both of fear
     And of hope.
3.  Enter houses
     Through the proper doors.
     And fear Allah:
     That ye may prosper.
4.  And Dixon shall bestow
     On him, of bread and sardines, 
     Anything he shall desire.
5.  And thy Lord taught the Bee
     To sting in men’s habitations.
6.  O ye who believe!
     Sayeth she,
     Approach not prayers
     with a mind befogged.
     Listen in silence
     So that you might be graced
     With God’s mercy.
7.  But they shall there exchange, 
     One poured into another,
     A (loving) cup
     Free of frivolity, 
     Free of all witness
     Of ill.
8.  And on the third day
     When the pains of childbirth
     Drove her to the trunk
     Of a palm tree: 
     She cried (in her anguish):
     Ah!  I expect each moment
     To be my next!
9.  And behold!
     Bloom’s hand, 
     Soft under a hen
10. But closer draws unto men
      Buck Mulligan: 
      And yet they remain
      Stubbornly heedless
      Of his approach.
11  And Stephen 
      With a mind
      The most befogged.

She prayed to God the Allruthful to have his dear soul in his undeathliness.

Now there is none alive to whom I dare express my heart openly. I know to be true that for a man it is a noble virtue to bind fast his soul's locker, to hold closed his treasure chamber, and think what he will. Nor may a weary mind resist what happens nor yet provide help for turbulent thoughts. For those desirous of favorable opinion are often dejected, bound fast in their breast chamber. So must I, my mindsoul often miserable, separated from home, far from my noble family, repressed and fettered since long ago my most precious friend was covered in the concealing darkness of earth. And I, abject, from there journeyed madly, in winter sorrow, over waves bound together into ice, seeking God's dreary home. Where I, far or near, might find my familiar mead-hall, or someone who would comfort my loneliness, entertain me with pleasures.10:01 pm

I died two and a half years ago and thank God too.  Nearly seven years with that woman after me and I don’t think I could have held her off much longer. Always fussing over me like I was hers. Brushing my coat. Dropping hints until I was worn out with it. Not my type at all, not even close. And I regret now that I never felt I could tell her why, openly. Besides, she was just too bitter. Too, what’s the word, irritated all the time.  Angry.  Easily pissed off.  Irate over every little thing, and the longer I put her off the worse she got. Thank god for stomach cancer. I reached that last end that was my death and hallelujah I’m better off.  And she should just answer an ad or something.  Find a man that way because her personality isn’t going to win her any prizes. I prefer them a little more accommodating, like that one married to the heavyset singer who was another woman after me around that same time. Let’s hope he pops off young, naked for to go as he came. He would comfort my loneliness and I would entertain him with pleasures. He’s more my type. Mildhearted, you understand, loth to irk.