Having my way with Ulysses

Do you know what thought did?

My voice dying in the echoes of its words, dies like the wisdom-wearied voice of the Eternal calling on Abraham through echoing hills. She leans back agains the pillowed wall: odalisque-featured in the luxurious obscurity. Her eyes have drunk my thoughts: and into the moist warm yielding welcoming darkness of her womanhood my soul, itself dissolving, has streamed and poured and flooded a liquid and abundant seed . . . . . . Take her now who will! 11:57 pm

Well hello there kisses, how’re they hanging? You dress right. Is left a bit lacking there? Well, not everybody’s symmetrical. Hello! what the hell is this, a what is this? Potato? What do you do with it? Want to show me, come in inside. No, that’s not church music. Well, maybe it is, I don’t know. Some guy in there playing the piano, a parson or something. He your kid? Wanna be my daddy? I thought maybe but ok. Come on honey, lend me your ear a little, hey mousey. Let me have a little bite.

What am I following him for?

Small witless helpless and thin breath. But bend and hear: a voice. A sparrow under the wheels of Juggernaut, shaking shaker of the earth. Please mister God, big mister God! Goodbye, big world! . . . . . . . Aber das ist eine Schweinerei!11:44 pm

Don’t look, I’m not yet finished.  What, do you want me with no legs and only stumps for arms? Makes no difference to me, understand, the stream of life is always passing.  I’ll pass right over you regardless.  If you like, pull me, make my wheels turn, and if you touch me you might get close enough to look me in the eye.  And then! And then!  Then I will deliver you from all your sins.  Or throw yourself under my wheels and then see what I can do for you. Lifetimes worth of absolution. I can’t always save you understand, you’ll have to meet me at least halfway with presence of body and absence of mind.  Stop that! That’s my bucket of porter what the hell are you doing?  Good God now it’s all pig sticky! Have you no pride? Come closer and I’ll trample it for you.