Having my way with Ulysses

The thousand vicissitudes of existence.

It was the protection of the vulture to the lamb, which covers while it devours its prey—which stretching its baleful pinions, and hovering in mid air, disperses the kites and lesser birds of prey, and saves the innocent and helpless victim from all talons but its own.10:31 pm

I really can’t take my eyes off of him.  That must be the mark of forceps on his head.    No.  Or was he punched too often or too well.  A boxer.  They do heal.  He must have been an accident of birth.   A doctor, like one of these, juvenile still. Drunk maybe. And his mother in labor for 88 hours.  Had to be.  A boy born with a pull and a tug.  The soft part of his head squeezed by instruments and inexperience, and that dent won’t bounce back.

Made him puke what he never ate.

I'm a fighter. I believe in the eye-for-an-eye business. I'm no cheek turner. I got no respect for a man who won't hit back. You kill my dog, you better hide your cat.

5:36 pm

Money May is more famous but the people wanted Cotto.  The people were there for Cotto.  He didn’t have 50 Cent, he didn’t have Justin Bieber what the Christ was that kid doing there, but he had the people.  And he was bigger in the ring, did you see the size of him next to Mayweather?  He looked good.  And he made up for the Mayweather promotions guys who stunk up the undercard.  Carlos Quintana knocked out Latimore with one eye shut and I wish I had both eyes shut watching Jessie Vargas.  Mayweather came out first few rounds with his 1-2 punches.  Cotto, I don’t know man, his strategy looked aggressive but just not enough action, you know?  We were waiting for the action.  Mayweather may be more famous and he got like, what, like four times the money they promised to Cotto no matter who won, but look, he was  still the challenger in this shit.  Cotto had the title, man, he’s the WBA Junior middleweight champion, his shit’s for real.  And if you don’t believe me look at round 5, round 6.  Cotto owned it.  He owned it.  He came out mean round 5 and had old (and I mean OLD) Money May in the corner fast.  May comes out, Cotto gets him right back in that corner.  And a bad ass left eat that Mayweather!  Round 6 and our boy’s comfortable.  He’s el jefe now and his hook style’s something to see, bouncing on his toes a lot too.  But it was those flurry in round 8 that had the people screaming.  Mayweather shaking his head.  Mayweather laughing.  Mayweather bleeding.  Oye Pretty Boy Floyd, not so pretty now with blood falling out your nose, eh?  He nervous.  He scared.  Pobrecito thinks he’s going to lose in his own ring.  And the thing is, I think he did.  Look at round 8.  Easy for Cotto.  Those two stiff uppercuts.  Come on bro, look at round 10.  Cotto’s for sure.   Those combinations in round 11.  Show off all you want Mayweather, but one 2-1 punch doesn’t get you that round.  He was fighting a bad fight and fell back on showmanship.  Score it for me judges, I’m paying your salary.  If I pretend to be winning then you can score it for me and maybe sleep at night too.  And they did.  117-111, 117-111, 118-110.  What the fuck?  No wonder Cotto left the ring and no interview.  Damnit man, he was robbed.  Mother fucking robbed.  If it had been Mayweather’s exact performance but a different fighter’s name, Cotto would have won by decision.  You don’t think so?  Watch it agian.  Look at it again.  Keep both eyes open this time.