Having my way with Ulysses

had i frequent omissions

peeking into the focus and pecking at thumbnail reveries, pricking up ears to my phono on the ground and picking up airs from th'other over th'ether, 'tis tramsported with grief I am this night sublime, as you may see by my size and my brow that's all forehead, to go forth, frank and hoppy, to the tune the old plow tied off, from our nostorey house, upon this benedictine errand but it is historically the most glorious mission, secret or profund

this is the 456th installment of sly uses having my way with ulysses and im thinking forward so much its all seeping into penelope and farther back you can see it in eumaeus and circe i searched high and low for the perfect drag queen or king to be circe bella bello cohen and maybe I shouldn’t have been so upfront with therell be no money in it only exposure i cant attract them any other way and starting back in march too in a retrospective arrangement so many images in my mind of direct stares from them to the reader but what is the good in going into mourning for what was neither one thing nor the other and it turned out i was avoiding human faces anyway though I have some of myself and the story of a haunting sorrow in nausicaa shot by my friend rachel a filmmaker shes in my bookclub ive been in for how long years we need a new member weve slipped below our ideal seven or eight or nine remind me you can tell from the picture with the top of his head cut off rachel wasnt looking at a face no its a picture of the connection shes making between her eye through the lens to his eyes and back love it theres also the hot priests calendar the vatican puts out also nausicaa and milly cooper there too a couple more maybe number 456 like stairs written in how many days let me see calendar where the hell is that ive moved offices and switched computers and went from sitting to walking which is much better but its hell on penmanship and mine was never much and its medieval spanish strings now you wont hear much of that back in sirens if i wrote sirens again tomorrow it would be a very different race of mermaid sirens and family visiting from south africa i had come out of simultaneous chapters around march was it thinking aeolus would be much easier given it was only one a day but thats also when joyce shifts positions a little multiplying things in delicious ways im simultaneously tweeting the headlines then i banked enough though to be present for people whom i most dearly wanted to be with we had fun here and at the beach in oregon with the boys and new dog running and old dog chilly and such happy nearly all our family my dear sweet inlaws i love i have some mothers revolving equally in my heart and sandy is one of them it was nice sirens and cyclops and thinking about wilderness was it just after mnemotechnic i forget the puppy chasing birds and one sweet fish boy playing in the ocean and the other with two eyes as darkly bright as loves own star running happy i did some work then too and read finnegans wake labyrinth style polycursal this is not a book to be read in a straight line for me anyway when i decided to have my way with ulysses i did not expect finnegans wake to have its way with me and always on for flirtyfying too o goodbye sweet tart goodbye this year flowed all over me like a warm shower bath i left university life with a great future behind me for the what is that word known to all all a part of the bravest thing i have ever done and the thing is so much stuff after has been another bravest thing i have ever done including this revolving sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumfrence is nowhere but where the hell am i going to put it born in what is that space the net revolving whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere what did hg wells call it the world encyclopedia the central ganglion of the collective human brain accessible from everywhere and centered nowhere mapped by borges on a scale of 1:1 and dante stirring the pot how many days was it now 380 just this particular revolving sphere within a sphere and when well this is an eye blink when is nothing in the grand scheme of time and most immediately i am thinking only of my own pleasure but something must be done with it

Intercourse, eyeball to eyeball.