Having my way with Ulysses

2 Responses to what did i tell him i was engaged for for fun

  1. Seriously, I expect not to know sometimes all the things you talk about in a piece, but always its presence. But I’ve read this twice always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Perhaps because I did too many mushrooms long ago–God, send me more mushrooms!–I know I’m missing something so sarcastic that even I can’t ferret it out. Also (this is not for you but to ‘upstairsdownstairs) what is his problem? >KB

  2. In Penelope, Molly reveals she told Mulvey she was engaged to the son of Don MIgel de la Flora and will marry him in three years time (a lie). She also reveals to the reader she is the daughter of Lunita Laredo a Spanish Jew (the truth). This is my imagination of their ketubah, a Jewish wedding contract.

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