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12:36 am

I wonder if they have chocolates, I should have brought chocolates. Right. Ok. I’ll say, um. Hell. Somebody in there doesn’t want me here, I feel it. Check the hair, good, nice forelock. Stance. Left foot a little forward. That’s ok. No effect on posture. Kind of Egyptian. The light’s so confusing, I can’t remember. What was it that? I just had it in my head too. Damn it to hell. Ok, go ahead and knock. Or just go right in, it’s a party.  I’m very fond of what I like and I love a party. I Shouldn’t have worn black; black makes me sad. Ok look, this is insane. I’ll just go in, make a swift pass and they’ll look at me with piercing eagle glances, won’t they? And they’ll say go, go, go, whoever you are. Should I go? I’ll go.