Having my way with Ulysses

He exhales a putrid carcasefed breath.

Married! And you a professed anarchist, too! What is this confounded nonsense? But I suppose it’s merely a manner of speaking. Anarchists don’t marry. It’s well known. They can’t. It would be apostasy.11:55 pm

Ooh. Pardon. That buttermilk didn’t agree with me. Bad idea anyway. I traveled all the way from Exile, you know the place? City called We Put God There. Anyway, came pretty far to help out here as I see Bloom’s traveling south at about thirty two feet per second per second. So listen. Listen. Oh come on now, listen up. How’s my wife? Keep her off the booze, could you? And yeah don’t mind Bloom, he’s with me. Or was with me; he was at my funeral. He’s not some unibomber type, he’s all right. You know why? I could give you eighteen thousand reasons why. He’s married, for a start. But look it, I have to keep moving or the rats, you understand. Missing a few features of my face already. Just, you know, pray for my soul or whatever if you’re into that. You can do it with more or less care than is good. Anyway, I’ll see you, an soon from what I hear. When you get to We Put God There look me up.  I’m in field 14 + 24, row 101.

One Response to He exhales a putrid carcasefed breath.

  1. Well, I appreciated your hurried note of the other day. Even your mundane is not mundane, which doesn’t mean to say there’s nothing to it. At all!. You may be arrested for making me have thoughts-Have thought? God forbid! But likes to likes I might have to steal me some copied foolscap of U;lysses, for trhe damn book’s to thick to fit down my pants and I’ll not spend a copper on the boundeer–by tjhe by, did you know ol’ JJ used to use coco for his eye pain. His physician’s name was Dr. La Nazzi (true story-I think I told you I retyped the correspondence between JJ and ?Sylvia over the publication of ‘that book’-treated her not well he does.) Have a moo-cow day! KB

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