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10:43 pm

I’m watching. Don’t be impulsive now. It’s a standoff, not a game of chicken, so you still have to do it right. Wait for it. Wait for it. Think about what you have there. It was made with hard water so keep that in mind. That will effect the hydrophobicity of the oh there you go! Ok. Good. Nice. Holding that glass at a 45 degree angle, beer hitting the middle of the slope. Yes. And the bottle parallel to the table. Now you’re nearing halfway, what are you going to do? And yes! You waited just a bit. Because of the thunderstorm? Nice pour in the center. A little tall? Quarter inch. Half inch. Do you have room? Nice! One inch of foam exactly.  Just look at that head! And you weren’t afraid to pour hard, with a little force. That was aggressive, man, a bold move. But you had to release the aromatics. Stylish choice. So. Whose beer is it?