Having my way with Ulysses

Wheels within wheels

pigeony linguish1:26 pm

[Scene:  Percy Apjohn (killed in action) and Pen …?  Pen something.  Of course it’s years ago.  Percy Apjohn and Pen Something recent graduates of metempsychosis, have taken a nice supper of human leavings and are now engaged in a little after meal frolic.  Must be thrilling from the air.]

Pen Something:  Who will we do it on?  I pick the fellow in black.

Percy Apjohn:  Hold on, I think I knew that one.  What was his name?  Hard to remember anything after metemwhatever.

Pen Something:  Really have to squint to see him.  Yeah.  I think I knew his wife.

Percy Apjohn:  Mack something.  We called him Mackerel.  Mmm, could go for one of those.

Pen Something:  Well, ready for the attack.  You?

Percy Apjohn:  Here goes.  Here’s good luck!

Intercourse, eyeball to eyeball.