Having my way with Ulysses

A scarlet beaked face, crested by a comb of feathery hair, thrust itself in

It ascends me into the brain; dries me there all the foolish and dull and crudy vapours which environ it; makes it apprehensive, quick, forgetive, full of nimble, fiery, and delectable shapes, which delivered o'er to the voice, -- the tongue, -- which is the birth, becomes excellent wit. 12:13 am

What is it?  North Cork Militia.  The BLOODY TINTH!  Won every time.  EVERY TIME WHAT?  Drink!  No drinks served before mass.  Getonouthat.  Bloody old pedagogue.  North Cork and Spanish officers.  Won’t march in Ohio or anywhere for the bloody Prince of Ales.  He could be the prince of my ass.  WON’T MARCH!  What?  In OHIO!  MY OHIO!  Bing bang bing bang, drink?  That will be all right.  All right.  Never you fret.  Never fret.  All right now.  Hello.  That’s all right.  All right.  What’s in the wind?  What?  Canada swindle case.  $90 buys instant Canadian citizenship.  Hello!

Intercourse, eyeball to eyeball.