Having my way with Ulysses

Looks horrid open

I was where all the shades were fully covered but visible as wisps of straw in glass.11:20 am

That drive to the funeral, Paddy Dignam emigrating.  Think of him in there, in that box.  What if he fell out?  Paddy rolling all over the place.  Would he bleed if pierced by a nail?  Better bury him in dark red.  Suppose wouldn’t have blood anymore.  What would leak out?  Bury him in puce.  Mouth sewn closed.  Eyes too.  Sphincter.  Seal it all up.  Take him from Harborview, where old Mrs. Riordan died They take the incurables there.  Encourages them.  Bee stings too, went there then.  Morgue on site, convenient.  Need to put the cemetery next door and it would be one stop shopping.  Would speed things up.  Make a mall of it.  Take care of paperwork, wills, last rites, pick out the coffin or maybe urn.  Efficient.  And not just for the emigrants.  The living would have their conveniences too.  Mourning clothes, bar for after they relieve the hearse.  Have a little elixir of life, extend your stay.

Intercourse, eyeball to eyeball.