Having my way with Ulysses

The tangle of wined breaths

Ah, he's very thoughtful and sympatrico that way is Brother Intelligentius, when he's not absintheminded, with his Paris addresse! He is, really.11:13 am

Pimander is coming and how sweetly delicious he will be.  I see you, you man shepherd, I have my eye on you.  We will be yokefellows in arms.  We shall go to Paris and from the bed of your lover’s wife we will make a meal of it, our mouths yellowed with the pus and the taste of acetic acid so sweet and I shall thrust my fang between your lips.  Oh Pimander, I see a Vision limitless, all things turned into Light, sweet, joyous Light.  Transport me, appear in visions with me, I see you.  And you will show me the darkness coiling in my sinuous folds and the darkness will change into moist nature ineffable.  Drink and belch smoke and wail with the voice of fire.  Hang with me in the air, rise up and hang on the fire and mingle together.  Drink me.  I will wash you lacivious Pimander and bathe you in my most private green liquids.  I will rub your malefemale nakedness in the bath and like horseleeches oh to suck to suck the very blood to suck.

Intercourse, eyeball to eyeball.