Having my way with Ulysses

Met him what?

It must have fell down.9:00 am

Molly looks at me with the same young eyes as that first night when.  She saw a word in a book, “metempsychosis” and wanted to know what it means.  I told her it was an idea from Orphism, that it is the transmigration of souls.  Schopenhauer talks about it in The World as Will and Idea  but he sees it more as a dichotomy of will which persists (male, from the father) and intellect (from the mother) which does notThe Orphic idea has more poetry to it.  The soul is eternal and desires freedom, the body is finite and holds the soul captive.  It is a contract broken by death.  Death.  But the soul ends up reimprisoned in another body and so it goes.  Nice, no?  Beautiful, yes?  Well.  Anyway, I remember Schopenhauer said something like there is a contradiction in every individual existence because all that rises is worthy of being destroyed.  She mocked me with her eyes (young, a contradiction) and her response was O, balls! Tell me in plain words.

Intercourse, eyeball to eyeball.