Having my way with Ulysses


Eve likes citrons too.8:27 am

Not going to fill out the application for the Ravenna Kibbutz, but still an idea behind it.  Rent is reasonable and then there are the movie nights, workshops, bonfires, gardens.  Pruning things.  Ripening cherry tries.  Not exactly citrons in the Levant but urban kibbuitzniks can’t be expected to reproduce precisely the kibbuitzim of their grandfathers.  This is a simulacral situation.  Nice fruit the citron, can’t find them here.  Forbidden fruit.  Heavy sweet waxy perfume they have.  Wonder if Citron is still working in the movie business.  Rusty he was, marketing.  Gatherings with him and Mastiansky too with his cither, Molly singing.  Bohemian nights those were. 

Intercourse, eyeball to eyeball.