Having my way with Ulysses

Times 15, um

I have my reasons, I reckon.8:21 am

Prices look high.  $1.49 a pound, times 15, carry the 4, and if / = division neglecting the remainder and % = division keeping only the remainder and a = year%19 and b = year/100 and c = year%100 and d = b/4 and e = b%4 and f = (b+8) / 25 and g = (b-f+1)/3 and h = (19*a+b-d-g+15)%30 and i=c/4 and k=c%4 and l = (32+2*e+2*i-h-k)%7 and m = (a+11*h+22*l)/451 and easter month = (h+l-7*m+114/31 [3=march, 4=april] and p equals (h+1-7*m+114)%31 then easter date = p+1.  Hum.  Unsolved.  Let it fade.  Waiting behind next door girl at meat counter.  Name Woods.  One kidney left, nice thick drops of blood on dish with it.  Vigorous hips.  She has list, chapped hands, sausages.  Don’t buy my kidney.  Mother oldish, whacking a carpet with crooked skirt swinging.  A good swing at each whack.

Intercourse, eyeball to eyeball.