Having my way with Ulysses

The artificial placation of malignant agencies.


2:57 am

I could kill him in his sleep. I’m so mad I could kill him in my sleep. I hope I do kill him in my sleep. There. I said it. I hope I kill him in my sleep. If I could kill him in my sleep I wouldn’t have to be there for it. I wouldn’t have to look at him. I hate looking at him. Then I could wake up nicely, have a little breakfast, some polite conversation, a little chit chat, and we can go about our lives.

Intercourse, eyeball to eyeball.

  • Temporality
  • Mathematical Esoterica
  • Nothing
  • Holy Mother Public Relations Inc.
  • Quadrature of the Circle
  • Point
  • Mirror
  • Circle Center Circumference
  • Free Will
  • Retrospective Arrangement
  • 32 Feet Per Second Per Second
  • Alchemy